The Swedish flag is blue with a yellow cross that extends to its edges.

Swedish Flag

I know this and will always know this because the GC had a wall-size Swedish flag hanging up in his dorm room when I met him (said flag currently resides in his basement workshop.) I quickly learned that his Swedish pride influenced not only his decorating choices but also his culinary preferences. He’d likely name several Swedish specialties as his top favorite foods (and this is stiff competition, as there are many), and as such I’ve heard many rave reviews of his grandmother’s cooking. Aside from her renowned Swedish pancakes, her pepparkakor cookies earn high praise within the family.

Pepparkakor Cookies

Unfortunately, like the good intuitive cook that she is, she doesn’t write many recipes down, preferring to create from memory. So, when I found Jenna’s recipe for the Swedish ginger cookies, I immediately added it to my Christmas cookie list.

Though my full Christmas cookie baking extravaganza likely won’t happen until next Sunday, I had to make a special exception for these guys in honor of the GC’s birthday today.

I followed Jenna’s recipe exactly, and they couldn’t have been simpler. After a quick eight-minute stop in the oven, they came out subtly spicy, crispy on the edges, with just a hint of softness in the center.


So just how do they stack up to grandma’s?

“A little different, but still really good.”

Sigh. I guess you can never really compete with a classic. But with several of my cookies missing less than an hour after they got out off the oven, I’m still going to count these as a win.

Happy birthday to my best friend!

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